Craig McConnon PWSManaging Director of Dubai-based Prestige Wealth Solutions, Craig McConnon, takes a down-to-earth approach to life; he’s happiest spending time with his family – wife Laura, 3-year-old Max and 1-year-old Mia. After all, life is no dress rehearsal and these times as a young family are to be cherished.

Craig moved to Dubai in 2007 from the UK, where he worked in the insurance industry before moving into wealth management. The Emirate has proven a good fit for this family man; Craig rates the safety it offers his wife and children as one of his favourite things about Dubai.

As a serious businessman and someone dedicated to his work, it would natural to think Craig’s role model may be someone such as Warren Buffet, Bill Gates or Sir Richard Branson – all of whom Craig talks of with great admiration. However, perhaps unsurprising for a man who places such strong emphasis on family, Craig’s personal hero is his mother, who has always talked sense and offered unquestionable support and love to Craig and his siblings.

Craig describes himself as a proud supporter of WeCare, the Austrian-registered charity undertaking a humanitarian project in the slums around Nairobi, Kenya. “It’s important to give back,” he says.

“We are fortunate that, in a professional context, we can help people on a daily basis by assisting them with their finances. But to be able to help those who literally have nothing, positively impacting their lives – that is hugely rewarding,” Craig says.

Craig willingly admits to having an eclectic taste in music. His iPod contains such delights as Phil Collins, The Brand New Heavies and Adelle, as well as dance music and Ibiza chill out tracks. Turn the clock back a few years and it would have been Michael Jackson’s Thriller playing on the tape-deck of his first car, a Ford Fiesta. On the topic of his favourite film though – and with his Scottish roots – Craig is undivided: It’s Braveheart all the way.

To contact Craig, or for more information regarding your financial planning, please email him directly or visit the PWS website.

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